Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet The Most Creative Designer at Winasbet NSFDW 2014

Winasbet NSFDW which is now rated by Google as the Biggest Fashion Week in Africa for fashion students had over 40 emerging designers who showcased their various new collections. Vovwe Omoko a fresh graduate from OSC College of Fashion emerged as the most creative designer of the Fashion Week.

Team features an exclusive interview on Vovwe. Sit down, relax and enjoy.

Can we meet you?
Vovwe: I am vovwe omoko. The creative director of ovemsfashion. A graduate of fine and applied arts delta state university. I recently also graduated from the Osc College of Fashion.
How old are you?
Vovwe: I clocked 25 June 1st

Where are you from?
Vovwe: I am from otowodo in ughelli north local government area. Delta state.

At what stage would you say your interest in fashion began to manifest?
The truth is I have always been interested in fashion even as a teenager. It only became more manifest or evident during my nysc. After which I quit my job as s radio presenter to pursue this dream
What informed your participation at the Winasbet NSFDW?
Vovwe: I got a mail, inviting me to participate at this year's edition of Winasbet NSFDW. I
called my school principal Mrs sola babatunde. She advised me to run with it. So I did.

What was going through your mind as you were making your collection?
Vovwe: Well I really jusy wanted to make clothes that ladies of all social strata could wear and feel classy, special and excellent in. My passion which is to bring class into street fashion as such replacing the usual trashy looks inspired the collection .

 How has Winasbet NSFDW affected your career as a designer?
Vovwe: Honestly, Winasbet NSFDW has affected me positively, my confidence has since been boosted, it has challenged me to be even more creative and mature in my designs. The show also has increased the number of people who now know about ovemsfashion. Its been great.
Through the various stages of the show, did you ever think you were going to be the last designer standing ?
Vovwe: Oh no! I never ever in my widest dreams thought it would be me. I was indeed favoured by God.

How do you feel about going on to participate at the Africa Fashion week Nigeria for free?
Vovwe: I am excited but saddled with thoughts of the responsibility and high level of creativity that would come with it. Its a privilege I want to use properly to make Mrs Ronke Ademiluyi proud.
 The most important thing you learnt from your participation at the Winasbet NSFDW?
Vovwe: One word, uniqueness. In the fashion industry every designer must have something unique about his or her work.
 What kind of clothes do you make and what demography do you think would especially favour them?
My clothes range from causal, to coporate, street and high fashion. Not only ready to wear but also bespoke ( special order service). Ovemsfashion has been favoured in all demography. As long as we have people who love to look classy.

Advice to other upcoming Designers like you?
Vovwe: They should never give up, they should keep pushing, be hardworking and prayerful. They should also try to come on board next year and register for Winasbet NSFDW as its now the biggest Fashion Week in Africa for emerging fashion designers.
Thank you so much for this opportunity. Am grateful to the organisers of theWinasbet NSFDW and Mrs Ronke for the award. Also grateful to my friends and team. We did it by grace.

‎Collection showcased: Chaste by ovems.

Stockist Details:
Address : 8, oshifila street, anifowoshe, Ikeja by Ikeja new garage. Lagos