Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lesson From The Ekiti State Election

It appeared Nigerians are prone to forgetting the event of past years so sudden. Perhaps, it's ignorance, poverty, illiteracy or an amnesia for politics! No one believed Fayose would return back to the PDP. Well, it's the  anthem of politics as no friend and enemy exist!

The Ekiti State election has come and gone, but there are indeed salient lesson for the future election especially State of Osun and 2015 general elections. 

News filtering on social media is the circulation of rice, cooking oil and money among the people of Ekiti. It was learnt that both parties shared rice. How Ekiti people love rice! Then I asked the question that for how long will the PDP or APC  share rice for the people they have intentionally impoverish. A friend argued that the 70% of votes Fayose got was as a result of an enormous amount of money FG spent which APC is nowhere close to spend. I believe APC could have spend so much too if they control the central. 

A political office aspirant shouldn't be the one dolling out all sort of things to the electorates, it's as if a labourer paying a farmer to work on his farm. But that is the situation we've found ourselves in Nigeria! Elsewhere outside the shores of Africa, party members and loyalist donate to     sponsor campaigns and all sort of platforms to support their candidate. 

While commending the electoral body INEC for a job well done to an extent in Ekiti State, many questions remained unanswered as why ballot boxes containing votes do not arrive INEC office by 11:30pm on election day. A close friend who is a journalist confirmed how the SSS swooped on all hotels and arrested many journalists for no stated reason. Also, no welfare provision in terms of food were made for the gentlemen of the press that covered and were to transmit the result live. It would be of good result if INEC can look to conducting electronic votes. However, the INEC returning officer of the state Prof. Isaac Azeez annonced Fayose of PDP the winner with 203, 090 votes to defeating the incumbent with  120, 433votes.

The humangous number of police personnel and the military men presence or the military bombardment of Ekiti State is nothing but a shame on the electoral body, the FG, the political parties and Nigerians as a whole. Massive involvement of the military shown how desperate the federal government was to get Ekiti which is very unacceptable for democracy. I held the oppinion that Fayemi was already out of the race when special police teams attacked his campaign train and even threatened him in his own governed state! Governor Amaechi convoy was also detained and rejected entrance into Ado-Ekiti. One begin to wonder when has the military become the police of a democratic election in Nigeria. A radio anaylst said almost everything that happened in Ekiti state between thursday and saturday of the election day has never happened in the history of election in Nigeria.

The people of Ekiti have decided with their votes who to govern them in the next four (4) years. Though many didn't vote with their discretion but with the amount of money and 'rice' they got, their conscience would definitely settle the rift they had started in their mind. And not forgetting the many journalist that were denied the section 22 of the Nigerian Constitution without a surety redress, a future occurrence is inevitable.

Nigerians has to know henceforth that no politician is worth dying for. The ruling class has tortured the psyche of the people, thus, any little thing they do we begin to praise and even call them the messiah. APC is not the saviour, neither is PDP the messiah. They are all same people changing tactics and parties. Until we begin to vote with our discretion, the candidate with the best qualities and agenda but not political parties, this heartless politicians will forever endanger our lives anytime election is to be conducted. Like Rotimi Ogungbola said, "every individual just have to take this struggle for a better Nigeria as a personal one, just get personal about it".

Before conclusion, governor Fayemi has once again showed  himself as a perfect complete gentleman. Against all trials and assault on him and his supporters in his controlled state, he maintained peaceful existence among his people.  Chaos and bloodshed could have erupted if he had came out claiming the results were rigged, but he said 'I congratulate my brother and colleague on his victory'. He has imprinted a new ideology into the Nigeria politics which he would be remembered for. Infact, i gave him a nobel peace prize in my heart!

Finally, i also join other well meaning Nigerians to congratulate Dr. Peter Ayo Fayose on his election victory in Ekiti State. And I hope President Jonathan would make Ekiti State a paradise prior to his promise. To the defeated APC, I say 'failure is not fatal, success is not final, it is the courage to countinue that  counts'.

Written by AYORINDE, Abiodun Seun
An Advocate for Good