Sunday, June 22, 2014

Instagram Deletes Maheeda's Account, She Opens A New One With Raunchy Photos

Instagram frowns at nudity and obscene photos (we all know that) and as a result, deleted Maheeda's account.
The controversial singer since signing up on IG had been posting sexually explicit content and this led to her account being yanked off as it violates the social network’s policy.

This makes it the second time Instagram is deleting her account.

The singer has however returned to the social network service with a new account and has continued with her raunchiness. She currently has over 3000 followers!!!

Hahahahaa....die-hard chic, isn't she?

Below are pics she shared on her new IG page.


The pic below is to remind you what Maheeda looks like, just incase you've forgotten!