Friday, June 20, 2014

Girls Beaten And Strips Naked For Playing One Chance Game (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Just as the saying goes "many days for the thief and one day for the owner". In the case of these three criminals their days were numbered as God decide to exposed them.

This event took place about two weeks ago when some group of 419 people "One Chance" who disguised to be Taxi carried a girl in Rumuola Port Harcourt, Nigeria inside their car, not knowing to the girl. Getting to around St. Johns Bus-stop they pushed the girl out  collecting her money, GSM, and other valuable things, the girl started shouting thief! thief!! thief!!!. luckily for her there was traffic jam in Garrison where they caught the One Chance people, and trust Port Harcourt boys, they gave them the beating they will never forget in life time, Striped them NAK3D etc. I think this is a good lesson for them, so you that is into any form of fraud, better stop as your day might be worse.


See Photos Below: