Sunday, June 22, 2014

Exclusive Interview With The CEO/Editor-In-Chief VL! Magazine Nigeria, Theo Olele

In an exclusive interview with CEO of VL! Magazine Theo Olele speaks exclusively about the challenges he faced when starting up VL! magazine, his future plans and many more...

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Ob9ja: Good day Mr Theo

Theo Olele: Hi, Good day to you

Ob9ja: Briefly tell us about yourself

Theo Olele: my name is Theo Olele,I am the CEO and editor-in-chief VL! Magazine Nigeria. I am from Èdo state, born into a family of 4 boys of which I am the 2nd child...I am also the founder of VL Media

Ob9ja: When was the VL dream born?

Theo Olele: 2012! But it officially started as( VL! Magazine Nigeria) in august 2013

Ob9ja: What does VL mean?

Theo Olele: The word 'VL' means Vergeria lounge and the word Vergeria is derived from the word "vergil" which means everything coming together as one. inspired from a roman poet whose latin name was PUBLIUS VERGILIUS MARO

Ob9ja: How did the brand name(VL) come about and what does your brand name say about your brand?

Theo Olele: i didn't really know a suitable name to use when I was about to start VL..My cousin (benjamin esene) actually named it vergria lounge and he told me what the word VL means and how it would affect the magazine positively... The whole idea of VL! Magazine is to be a platform that connects, interacts ,educate and inspire Africans, the world, and lovers of African heritage worldwide.

Ob9ja: What were some of the challenges you faced starting VL magazine?

Theo Olele: Finance!! when I did my very first photo shot for my cover I had to borrow money to travel to Lagos and pay for a session...I also borrowed money to open the website then (hahahaha)... One other challenge was getting celebs to be on the cover..a lot of celebs rejected VL..saying they had nothing to gain by featuring in a start-up webzine...but now VL has access to any Nigerian or African celeb... All glory to God!...I also remember not having a laptop, then I was always using my phone to update the website which was not too good...I really thank God for everything because it wasn't really easy due to the fact that I was doing it alone without a team. One other thing was getting people to believe in the VL dream, I remember when I started VL friends told me I was fooling myself and wasting my time but today the story is different (smiles)

Ob9ja: Your cover page has managed to pull a number of popular faces in the entertainment industry, how have you being able to pull that off in less than 3years?

Theo Olele: hard work, dedication, determination and putting God first...

Ob9ja: OF all the celebs that has been on your cover which of them was the nicest ?

Theo Olele: they have all been nice but I if I am to pick I would say LADY MAY and EMMA NYRA...they were really really nice.

Ob9ja: Online platforms take a lot of attention and dedication, do you ever have time for yourself?

Theo Olele: I hardly have time for myself..I work everyday

Ob9ja: Would you say a webzine is a lucrative business ?

Theo Olele: Yes it is a very lucrative business when you really know what you are doing

Ob9ja: Aside being a CEO, who is Mr Theo?

Theo Olele: I am a cool, determined and fun loving young man

Ob9ja: What drives you?

Theo Olele: My determination to succeed

Ob9ja: What are some of your favourite cover pages and articles on your magazine so far?

Theo Olele: My best VL cover is the Niyola's cover (January 2014 edition) I also love Cleo's cover, Mi Casa's cover and lady May's cover. My best article so far is "What to wear to any kind of concert"... I personally wrote that article (laughs). I also loved "the returnees" by Godwin, "olympus has fallen" by Oma and "legally blonde" by Sione

Ob9ja: Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?

Theo Olele: am not really an indoor person ....but when there is light I can stay indoors for years without coming out. Lol

Ob9ja: When you are not working what are the likely things you would be doing?

Theo Olele: Playing video games and chilling with friends

Ob9ja: What should we expect from VL in the coming years?

Theo Olele: expansion to other african countries where there will be names like VL! Magazine south africa, VL! Magazine zambia and so on and expect an international collaboration soon...the best is yet to come so expect the best!!!!

Ob9ja: What is your advise to young entrepreneurs out there?

Theo Olele: Stay positive, believe in yourself, be kind to everyone, be dedicated, be humble and don't imitate (Be original)...I also want to use this medium to thank everyone who has supported VL in one way or the other and also to the VL team for their dedication....they are the backbone of VL

For more information contact Theo Olele

Facebook: Theophilus Olele
Twitter: @TheoOlele
Instagram: Theotino


  1. Very nice interview!!! Im inspired...great things start is the limit....kudos to vl,theo and the hardworking team

  2. Williams Mike AkhidenoJune 23, 2014 at 11:41 AM

    Nice one my man Theo... more grace Amen...