Friday, May 23, 2014

Who Are The Boko Haram?

Who Are The Boko Haram is the question that I keep asking myself day and night. I keep doing this to find out of the hope of every young girls in the part of the country. The events in my country in the last four month brought this question in me. And I am asking again, Who Are the Boko Haram.

If a group are against western education, should a nation be against this or do we have some individuals who are carrying the group’s ideology in a different way but towards the same goals? Are we perpetrating some people’s agenda unknowingly, or is this what we want to achieve? How come it took months before the resumption of our University students, how come the polytechnics are still on compulsory holidays, how come we discriminate between the two in labour market, are they not meant to be a great option that will complement each other? Anyway that’s by the way.

My father’s land whose foundation was laid on values and the principle of the creator of the universe is now a nation that celebrates culture of devaluation all because of few people’s chances over choices which leads to selfishness. This singular act of becoming an administrator at all cost and not to produce has become a great challenge that has been affecting the nation thereby causing the culture of devaluation (the culture in which you celebrate the dead, and crucify the living)to thrive in every facet of life. How did we arrive at this point? Is this the Nigeria of our dream?

The word of the wise that communicates the heroic stride of translating knowledge to passion is no more. What is termed to be right is no longer right. What is right is now wrong and what is wrong is now right. Is this the future the founding founders wants for us?

If a group of people comes up to say they are fighting western education and the tools of their act is what they are against, are they not confused? If you say you are fighting western education, and you are using the acts of western education to perpetrate your act, can’t we see that there is something wrong with our ideology?

Who are the Boko Harams? Are Boko Harams the ones carrying the guns or the ones giving them the guns? Are they the same people going from villages to village to destroy human life or they are the one who ask them to go into the villages and kill people, are this Boko Harams the same people that went to slaughter young men in Federal College of Education,Yobe state or the ones that ask them to carry out the attack. Are the Boko Harams the one kidnapping girls and converting them to their beliefs or those that ask them to do this. Remember, no one is an island on his own. Everyone is connected to a source? Is there a connection with bastardization of Educational system in the country and the acts of the group against western education?

Are we helping them to propagate their ideology unknowingly with our policies or it’s a deliberate act to achieve the vision of destroying the educational system (if we could keep our people from school for over 4months all because we can’t create a right environment for them)which some people wants so as to create a generation of uninformed people? Am asking

“We have to understand that a fish function very well when in water. Any other environment aside water will lead to the death of the fish”

Who are the Boko Haram. Where are they receiving their orders from, who are they listening to? Who is telling them what to do? Who is drawing their plan? Are those giving others to kill the Boko Haram or those given the orders? Are Boko Harams the ones who kidnap over 200 girls in chibok, Maiduguri , Nigeria, or the ones who ask them to do it? The event of the last three months shows that there is a carefully laid plan of operation towards the big picture of the organization. Some of this acts are plans to divert attention of people so as to keep them from the big picture of the activities of the group. It is time we realize that those giving the orders are more powerful than those given the orders. Those carrying out order of some people are carrying out some people’s ideology.

The Question now is who are we after? Are we pursing those giving the orders to attack or those given the order- those carrying out the attack? Are we after the root or the stem? Remember a man that is ready to die is stronger than the one that is not ready to die. The man that is ready to die for his belief will do everything possible to convince ignorant people to his cause. Because they are ignorant, he communicates his belief as a passion in order to gain their trust. But the more we have more informed people in the midst, the difficult his recruitment exercise becomes. This is the reason why our educational system must encourage every young and old to keep learning.

We now see the reason why some people’s idea is to be against western education that made them, so that they can be in control. When someone says he/she is against western education, it is saying I want people to be my puppet, I want people to be my slave, so that they can carry out my works. I want them to know there is nothing they can achieve without me. I don’t want them to learn. I don’t want them to be responsible. Can we call this is the highest level of selfishness and self centeredness?

With this, it should be clearer to us that those killing in the name of someone are doing it at their risk so that they can win people to their side. This should further confirm to us that those attacking villages, planting bombs to kill people are small fish in a big pond. They are not the main factor. They are employees and slave to someone’s ideology and until we fish out that green snake there will always be challenges.

For example, the Movement for The Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) came up to claim responsibility for the attack of the pipelines of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) refinery in okrika, Rivers States. What happened to the amnesty, what happened to all the trainings outside the country? I thought we have dealt with this issue. How come this is happening again? This is what happens when we cut the stems and we could not dig out the root. We create an opportunity for fresh energy, strength and speed for people to be more daring.

I said earlier that a man that is ready to die is stronger than a man that’s not ready to die. Those who say they are ready to die will indoctrinate people to give their life for a cause they believe in but they will never give their life for it. (Suicide Bombers) A Cause that they say they believe in but cannot die for it really means they don’t believe in it. This means those giving the orders are weak people capitalizing on peoples ignorance for their act. Boko Haram is an idea from one person. The communication of this idea to more than one person to run with becomes their ideology. The beauty of ideology is that it becomes a conviction when you see like minds that are ready to commit resources to it. Because of this we become daring daily.

What it entails to kidnap 1 person is different from what it entails to kidnap 50 people. What it entails to kidnap 50 people is different from what it takes to kidnap over 200 people. This act is beyond going against western organization but a big picture which is known to them and to those who are sensitive to the trends of the events. Just note this there is a big picture

Finally, it’s over 30days that our girls are missing. What is the value of Human life in Nigeria? Why do we pretend to care when we are not. What could have happened if Dr Mrs Oby Ezekweseli decided to be careless? Thank you for modeling excellence. Indeed,you are living for such time like this. Thank you for saying yes. Thank you for bringing hope to many. Thank you for demonstrating the faithWalk of the word.

Thank you

By Olumadewa Adebusuyi Olutayo


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