Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top Official Of The Nigerian Prisons Service Caught In Multi Million Naira Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested a popular Abuja big girl who is also a top official of the Nigerian Prisons Service, Mrs Imaobong Akon Esu-Nte over multi million Naira fraud.

Imaobong, who is a Grade Level 14 Officer with Federal Ministry of Finance, was seconded to the Nigerian Prison Service as Head of Capital Accounts, where she allegedly enjoyed herself with Nigeria's money. He was picked up by operatives of the anti graft agency on Tuesday. And for several hours, she was grilled by investigators over allegations bordering on corruption, abuse of office and money laundering.

EFCC officials received tip-off regarding Imaobong's highly expensive lifestyle which is clearly inconsistent with her position as a public servant on a monthly salary of N121, 460. See some of her stuffs below:

EFCC operatives have started tracing some of the money and, hopefully, they will get her godfather too. These are the things you see in Abuja. Politicians and Civil Servants who earn less than N200,000 as legitimate salary are living like drug barons in mansions, driving Jeeps worth Tens of Millions. Nigeria is bleeding!