Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Story Of A Sad Girl: I'm Tired Of Keeping My Virginity Until After Marriage

I'm a 25 years old lady. Growing a good relationship has been a daunting challenge for me, it just won't last. Sometimes my fellow ladies take him from me or lack of sex causes our separation even after letting him know from the beginning that I am totally for a no sex before marriage relationship. At first they would accept only to walk out when I have fallen in love.  
Some of these men have been good to me but sex is the only barrier. Some said I'm too rigid. I have really worked on my character because at some point I thought I was lacking some good morals. My friends always advice me that sex keeps relationship going.

But I want to know, can't one have a healthy relationship without sex?

As a virgin , if I desire for a man's affection, is it wrong? I really need advice because I'm heart broken now. And I'm beginning to have a rethink on my determination to keep "my thing" until after marriage.


  1. its ur life n choice

  2. kip ur body holy...ur body is temple of the holy spirit...remember that

  3. If I had a daughter, I would tell her if you are a ware of the potential consequences of sex, like stds, kids, giving up ur innocence, and overall emotional instability go for it. If that is you in the picture, I know you have many boys after that. Just make sure u know their agenda as well as yours.

  4. Do u know what ur maker. God think in this matter. If no then Read 1corienthianc6;9,10 sex b4 marriage is BAD keep urself. To ur husband he will love u so much at last will u give urself. As a test to all men that come ur way?think do they really love u and want u to