Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome And TB Joshua Can Destroy Boko Haram

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If the Christian community is not divided by doctrine and the we-are-better-than-you attitude, if Christendom has love Boko Haram cannot keep destroying lives especially the life of Christians as easy as a walk in the park. This heartless group of Monsters started by bombing churches while people were worshiping their God then moved on to other locations, now they are back to dealing with Christians as the released Chibok abducted girls’ list shows that 90% of the girls are Christians.

It is heart breaking to see this evil group continuously mess with the church, the body of Christ, the anointed of God! It is more annoying when one remembers that this is a country blessed with over 10 world class heavy weight spiritual champions like Papa Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, T.B Joshua, Chris Oyakhilome, who can just speak and this group will go into extinction!

By a prophet God saved Israel and by a Prophet he preserved them. Where are the Prophets in Nigeria? We need our Prophets to arise and preserve this nation. We need our Prophets to speak the word of God over Nigeria.


The solution here is, these men of God should call for a non-denominational just one night Virgil under one roof to pray for Nigeria. Imagine a Virgil with E.A Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop Oyedepo, T.B Joshua, Tunde Bakare, the Catholic Church, all the men of God in Nigeria gathered under one roof with their members to call upon God to step into the Nigerian situation? It will shake this nation. It will shatter all the chains holding the progress and unity of Nigeria.


The challenge here is the question the Bible asked, “Can two work together except they agree?” this is the one billion naira question. How can these Spiritual War Lords throw their differences behind and do the needful? How can other Pastors who are CAN members agree to work with the likes of T.B Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome who are not? Who will make the first move? Who will take it upon himself to unite the Nigerian part of the body of Christ? Can the President of CAN, Pastor Oritsejafor do what the challenge of today demands?

Who is asking God for the solutions of the Nigerian problems? There is a reason why this happening mostly to the Christian community, it is time for the Lions to roar!


-Pas Chikero


  1. The call is not just for the spiritual war Lords as you call them. The call is for you and i. Let me bring you back to memory lane in the days of the children of Israel and the Philistines. There were many war lords including the anointed Saul in the army of the children of Israel but out of no where, David knowing what he has inside of him, took up the call and stand out for God. He got the miracle. If David who dos not have the Holy spirit inside of him can do that, then you can do more because you carry the Holy spirit inside of you. Don't push responsibility to other people all in the name of them being pastors and prophets. I am sure they are doing what they should do in their closet. It's now left to us all to do our own part. Nigeria is ours. After the storm, joy comes. Timmy.

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