Saturday, May 24, 2014

How i Moved From Bad Boy To The Good Guy --- Chidi Mokeme

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Ace actor, Chidi Mokeme, has denied being a bad boy the way his roles might portray him to be because there is always a transition and there had been many different transitions in the course of his career.

According to the actor, you can’t compare modeling with movie. As a model, there is a certain look you must always wear. But movies, the impression is that it is either this guy is a nice looking play boy or the other way round. These two personalities have the same look, but they are just different mentally.

The actor stated that the fastest role one can get when coming into the movie industry is the muscle or bad guy roles.

Chidi stated that he wanted to play the lead role, but there was something holding him back, and that was physique and looks. Adding that he had to change that and stop going to the gym, stopped wearing my folded T-shirts. “I started wearing nice shirts that made me look so cool. Then I started looking more like the play boy, so I started losing the bodyguard roles and I got more nice boy roles. It was just different transitions.”


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