Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Girl Stripped after She Was Caught in The Act of Kidnapping [PHOTOS]

Luck ran out on a big girl recently as she was caught in the act of kidnapping in Odi-Olowo street in ijebu-ode along Ondo-Benin road. She was seriously molested by a angry mob in the area.

According to an eyewitness, Seyifunmi Sunmola, the lady was displaying and acting like a mentally deranged in the area around 4:37pm on Sunday, 25th May. As soon as she observed that people have ignored her, she quickly moved into a house in the vicinity to pick a little child who was all alone at home.

She was caught by a vigilant resident. After she was seriously molested, the lady eventually confessed that she was sane and that she does not suffer from any mental illness.
She also confessed that she wanted to sell the child in order to make ends meet. She also revealed that her kidnapping squad is made up of six women who journey between Enugu to Ijebu-Ode for the sole purpose of kidnapping children...

Other eyewitnesses also revealed that new Naira notes summing up to about N150,000 was discovered with  the lady. When asked where she got the money from, she said she sold a child to someone and that was her  part of her payment for the deal.

Policemen later intervened and saved the lady from the angry mob. She has been taken to the station.


  1. God help us....bad things happening everyday just bcos of money