Thursday, May 1, 2014

Girl Beats Married Woman After Snatching Her Husband

The lady was not at home when the married woman went to her house to confront her for playing rough play with her husband. She was told on her return that Mr. Ken's wife came here to shout and told neighbours to tell her or warn her to leave her husband alone, otherwise she will deal with him mercilessly.

The lady was so furious, after hearing all that her lover's wife said that she stormed their house, knowing that the husband wont be at home. She dragged the woman out of the house and the fight was a serious one, which led to several bruises on the woman's body. The woman too is strong. She stripped the lady...

When those around managed to separate them, it was a big embarrassment for the fine girl as all her body was exposed and she couldn't help but start the fight with the married woman again. It was some girls in the area that brought wrapper to cover her before she agreed to stop the fight.

Since that day, this woman's husband has not slept at home. He is now living in the lady's house full time.