Saturday, May 17, 2014

Davido Clears The Air About Him Dating The Girl In "AYE Video"

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Nigerian American recording artist David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, who In 2011, co-produced and released "Dami Duro", a song well-received throughout Nigeria has placed his fans on shocking mood, mostly the females as he opened up that he is not interested in any woman for now.

The Skelewu crooner who spoke to Nigerian Tribune, said he is focusing on music. He said he won’t want to mix his career with women now, stressing that they are two different things that you must handle separately and carefully.

Are you thinking of settling down now? 

Nah! Not once has the thought crossed my mind. I am not thinking about that just yet my brothers. Settle down? Now? No, no, not now. I am enjoying music right now. Forget about woman for now, ask me about music.

But you have money. That should motivate you enough to get married. 

Money is not everything in life. I don't even think about money. Money is good and it helps you to handle certain things, but money will not get you a good woman, neither can it buy you happiness. I am happy right now loving what I do best; music. If you are going to get a God-fearing woman, you shouldn't even think about convincing her with money. 

Are you saying there is no girl in your life and you did not dedicate the song(Aye) to any girl? 

Right now, I am focusing on my music. I don't want to mix my career with women now. They are two different things that you must handle separately and carefully. I am single and I am not even searching. I don't know about dedicating the song to anybody because it was just a song. Never said that nor implied that. What I am just saying is that I am concentrating on my music for now, but then I'm not ruling out women absolutely. I am just waiting for the right time when I will be able to create enough time for that special one. For now, I am dedicating all my time to music and I want to push it to a very meaningful level with the help of God and the support of my record label. 

What about the girl in the video, is it true you are dating her? 

Now you guys are really sounding funny to me. Haba, Nigerian journalists, you have come again ooo. That girl is my friend. We were not supposed to use her in the video in the first place. What happened was that I wanted to feature the winner of the most beautiful girl beauty pageant in Nigeria in the video, but her manager called few hours to production to say she would not be available for the shoot. 

So, who was the girl in the video? 

The girl in that video is my friend. She is my make-up artist. I decided to use her because the beauty queen we were supposed to feature was not available. I have already told you that. In her absence was the presence of my make up specialist and we tried her for the slot and she did very well in the video. I am neither dating her nor any other girl as I speak with you. Please, disregard any rumour linking me with any girl right now. If the girl in the video is my girl friend, I won't denounce her.


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