Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ayo Adesanya’s Estranged Hubby, Goriola Hassan Finds Love Again?

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The marriage between Goriola Hassan and Ayo Adesanya hit the brick wall some years ago. Sometime ago, both washed their dirty linens outside. 

Goriola, while speaking on his failed romance with Ayo, reportedly said marrying Ayo was like boarding a ‘one-chance’ vehicle, saying if the actress had not bore a child for him, he would revealed a lot about her. 

His estranged wife, while also commenting, was quoted to have said, “I was never married to Goriola Hassan. We lived together and had a child. That’s all”.

But it seems Goriola has again found love in another woman. According to what is being said in the industry, Goriola was seen at Yinka Quadri’s book launch with a fair in complexion lady adorning the same ‘ankara’ with Goriola like newlywed couple who were stepping out for the first time.

Many people were surprised to see the tall and huge dude amidst other Nollywood thespians despite the fact that his estranged wife belongs to the setting but it seems the dude was less concerned about who got hurt as they were all over each other, talking, laughing and gazing at each other. 

Meanwhile, when they found out the attention was getting too much, they decided not to take picture together.


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