Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Woman Beats Daughter For Posting Her Nude Photos On Facebook [VIDEO]

This woman is one of the few who have refused to allow her daughter do just anything she likes. If all women of today are like this, I don't think we will have young ladies harassing us with their private photos online every now and then. The girl is just 12 years old and one wonders what pushed her into such craze.

 A video is trending showing Helen Bartlett, a mother of four, beating her daughter for daring to live her life like the many wayward ladies we have on the internet. The clip shows the angry mum raining blows on the girl, who whimpers in pain. But some people her condemning the mother. The mother has said she does not regret beating her daughter and restoring her to her senses. "I stand firmly by my decision. I will go to jail for it. I know people are saying the authorities should charge me for abuse," said the black woman from Trinandad/Tobago. The daughter too have apologized to her mum for bring shame to the family. "I am very sorry for bringing shame on you and the family. I know you love me dearly. And I love you dearly too," the young girl said. See the video below...


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