Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why We Fake Orgasms - 10 Ladies Reveal

According to a recent study, some women might be faking orgasms to heighten their own sexual experience. Yes, those fake climaxes are actually thought to be “relationship promoting and sexual pleasure-enhancing.”

While that may be true, we found 10 women who had a few other motivations for pretending to achieve the big “O.”

Read on to find out what made them put on a most convincing performance.

1. It Wasn’t Gonna Happen

“It was just going on FOREVER, and I knew it wouldn’t end because he was waiting for me, but there was just no way. Sometimes being an actress comes in handy outside of auditions…” - Katelyn, 26

2. For The Sake Of His Feelings

“I felt the need to fake it, for his sake. I loved the man I was with, but unfortunately, his penis was very small. At the risk of harming his manly ego and hurting his feelings, I acted like it was amazing as I panted and huffed and puffed. It didn’t diminish how much I cared for him because he was more to me than just an orgasm.” -Dale, 56

3. To Make Him More Confident

“I’ve faked orgasms because I find when you fake it a little, men become more confident and passionate, which makes it more enjoyable.” – Pam, 26

4. Because It’s Hard To Get Off When You’re Breaking Up

“I was breaking up with my ex, and decided to sleep with him one more time before it ended. It was so bad that I faked it to get it over with … but when he didn’t finish, I told him he might as well stop.” -Deb, 27

5. To Avoid An Awkward Situation

I drank too much one night, and knew I wasn’t going to get there. The bed was spinning, so to save myself the embarrassment of throwing up mid-act, I thought it was better to fake it and get to sleep.” -Val, 52

6. It Made Him Finish Faster

“I’ve found that faking it makes the guy finish faster, which, when you just want it to end, makes the experience better. But at the same time, faking an orgasm means the guy can’t make you feel good enough to finish … which makes the experience with him worse.” -Michelle, 26

7. To Save A Friendship

“Sex with friends does not always prove to be beneficial. After an extremely dry period, to say the least, for both my guy friend and I, flirtations began, and we took a sharp turn into my bed. Clothes came off and before I knew it, we were doing it. It couldn’t have been more awful! I’ve never faked an orgasm in my life — it’s just not who I am — but how could I not? In order to save our friendship, there was only one thing I could do. I knew I had to pretend to finish in the most grandiose of ways. Before you jump into bed with a friend, make sure it’s a good idea!” - Libby, 28

8. To Just Get Some Sleep Already!
“I was staying with a friend in Cali, and we had partied and gotten drunk. I was so tired, I really didn’t even want to hook up, but we started hooking up anyway. I wanted it to be over, so I faked an orgasm … but he just kept going! I had to fake it two more times just so I could finally go to bed. The next morning, he was like, ‘Last night was amazing!’ And I had to be like, ‘Yeah…’” -Laurie, 25

9. He Asked Me To …
“Thankfully, I haven’t had to fake one in years, but once when I was younger, I was trying out phone sexfor the first time, and the guy I was on the phone with was all like “Orgasm for me, baby!” I had no idea what I was doing, and I was nowhere near being satisfied, so I just made a bunch of noises! It was much tamer version of a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment.” -Andrea, 38

10. I Didn’t Know Any Better
“At the time, I didn’t know I was faking it. I just thought, this is what it must feel like, so I went with it!” -Vicky, 35 


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