Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sometime In April #SIA

Sometime in April #SIA is a VIP party put together by the trio of Invaders ent, Street chronicles and HML.

#SIA is a rave party but with a difference. This is the true rave, the real deal!

Tickets are not sold, admission is strictly by invitation.

The party is an avenue to gather the party starters, the fresh babes n boyz, the ballers and divas altogether under a roof and party hard. It will also create a networking opportunities for students who re models, fashionista, entertainment guru etc...

The venue for the party is undisclosed but somewhere on the island. Movement to the venue would be convoy shii, from Unilag to the destination.

Date: Thursday 24th of April, 2014.

Time: 11PM (All guest are to assemble in New-hall, Unilag which is the pre venue and the movement starts from there).

For invitation: 23509047 or 263D0194


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