Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Peter Okoye’s Happiness is in the eyes of Lola” - An Open letter to Paul & Jude Okoye (P-Square)

Lol this Psquare issue eh..They haven't even said a word yet ..but fans allover are so worried about them.The other day,Freeze called on all Nigerians to pray for them..They are blessed indeed.Here is an open letter sent in by a reader

"As far as I can read meaning into all that is going on with these guys, Lola is not the one who wants the division. Peter has all the right to ask for more money but may have no right to be in charge. Peter has a larger family than paul,he has to spend more. Peter is a man who knowns what he wants and am so sure he would have pleaded with his family to accept Lola but the refused.

The brothers don't want the happiness of Peter. They all know his happiness is in the eyes and heart of Lola, yet they don't want to see him smile. Lola maybe older than jude, she respects him. She does not visit the squareviler, how would she when she knows they don't like her, what if Peter told her not to come around cause he can't stomachs the abuse his brothers will send to her in igbo.?

 Jude has no right to disrespect the wife of his younger brother no matter what, they are married. If you don't like her don't disrespect her,just keep it inside. Lola may likely be the best thing that will happen in your family you never can tell.
Jude,you so much believe lola is the one pushing peter than bring her in,tell her to talk to her husband to stay in. The bitter truth is Peter is protecting his immediate family (his wife and children) from his extended family (his brothers). He is a real man and every real african man puts his immediate family first and above other family members.

If Peter used to be the cool nice guy among all of them and now his not stable : His brothers are frustrating him because he married Lola,he wants to be free from them; they (brothers) are sideling him; that he peter said no more p-square jointy venture, he may have seen if he dies nothing will be given to his wife and children. His children future needs to be secured by him.

If truly their mother told them marring Lola will split them, what did she do to make it not to happen? Its just a part in the vision of which I think its the negative part. If you guys don't accept Lola, your mum vision is likely going to come to pass. You guys can still make it not to come to pass. Jude, should see lola as a blessing in their family. Accept her and others will, age is just a number. Take a look at this book " the gods are not to be blamed " (the gods said he will kill his father and marry his mother : if that child had grown up with his parents, he would have not killed his father and marry his mother).

Mama may have seen the division, which is just the part the devil want you to see,she is gone may her soul RIP. Turn this vision around, make it a positive one. Think of the good side, think about what you guys have gone through together, think about your happiness as a family. Paul, I guess you want your brother to be happy, pls,make it happen. Help others to see Lola as a member of that family and all will be well. Mama is gone, her wish is not fulfilled, you are living today see to it that, that which mama told you guys about spitting don't come to pass. I feel for you guys, am praying you should understand soonest, understand the power of Love without conditions, understand the will to accept things you may not like cause in the long run it maybe the best.

Peter and Lola are partners now, he has made his stand known to you guys. Jude, Paul & Peter, you guys are partners too. All I'll say to you guys now is this "NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER IN A FIRE "

Don't let him (peter) go,sure things are really hot for you guys now but don't let go of him. He need you guys more now than ever before, he wants you guys to accept his wife, he wants you to respect her, he need you guys to know she is the only one who can make him smile, he wants you guys to know he has given her his heart in Gods hands. He wants to smile again and be happy. You two are the ones that can make it happy by accepting Her.

For once don't act as a Nigerian, drop your prides and egos and work things out like real men. Please, accept the change for its the only thing that is constant. Take it one step at a time with unconditional love.

I wish you guys good luck with Gods blessings.
Sikirat Olusola



  2. Yes what she (SIKIRAT) said is not bad,they (PAUL AND JUDE) should see her (LOLA) as one of them for crying loud they married with two kids so plssssss