Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pastor Kumuyi Falls Sick Inside Deeper Life Camp

Information coming out of Deeper Life Conference Centre, venue of the ongoing Deeper Life Ministry Easter Retreat is not a good one at all and it is spreading fear and panic among members of the church. I heard that the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi is currently down with health challenges.

"Pastor Kumuyi could not take the morning Faith Clinic on Saturday because of his health condition. He broke down during the ongoing retreat and was rushed to the hospital, he is currently under treatment. 

"We were told to pray for his strength, which we have been doing, but he didn't minister throughout yesterday, a development which has sent every member panicking." 

A dependable source in the church Daily Post exclusively. He said there's tension in the camp over the health of Kumuyi who broke down during the programme entitled: 'Living in His Victory and Destined to Win.'

It was gathered that when it;s his turn to Minister, they may rebroadcast his old message to the congregation.

Pastor Kumuyi has been rushed out of the camp, he is yet to return as at the time of reporting. Pray for him!


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