Wednesday, April 9, 2014

‘Nollywood Rates Best in Economy GDP’ – Osita Iheme

Nollywood star actor Osita Iheme has vehemently stated that Nollywood has played paramount role towards the country’s  GDP that was recently considered the best in Africa. In this rebased economy, the actor revealed that Nollywood is rated the best sector in the economy GDP. As a result, he urges the Federal Government to give the industry their ministerial position, annual budget, allocations, and give them an opportunity to enjoy from what they contributed to GDP.

The actor stated:
“Now that NOLLYWOOD has been rated best in the economy GDP. Can we have our Ministry, Allocations…etc?. We achieved it by ourselves. KUDOS. We need our own Annual BUdget.
A lot of money have been spent on other sectors that is not working. Now Nollywood. Job seeking graduates can have a lifeline if Nnollywood gets its annual budget.
Nollywood Annual Budget necessary. Allocations. Sectors should begin to enjoy from what they contribute to GDP, and that is Nollywood budget. Nollywood best way to improve Sme’s,” he stated.