Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet The Alleged Suicide Bomber Behind Today’s Bomb Blast In Abuja [PHOTO]

Following the very tragic incidence that happened at the early hours of today in the Nation's capital, Abuja, where a Bomb exploded in Nyanya El'Rufai Motor park, killing many people and others left injured. We present the body of the man who is Alleged to be the Suicide bomber.


  1. So wat is his gain now? After killing innocent pple....your judgement is waiting...

  2. Dis person mumu ooo , so hw many virgins Dem go give am 4 there ? Ordeh oshi

  3. dis is total foolishness of putting a blame on the wrng prsn. hw u go tell me say dis guy carry bomb and his body is stil intact wit only burns. I beg na nollywood movie?