Sunday, April 6, 2014

London Big Boy Impregnates Gospel Singer, Atorise's Girlfriend

Some of the things we hear sometimes are too heavy for our hands to type and post for the reading pleasure of you all, our faithful readers. But we know that things will continue happen, and life will definitely go on.

A Naija big girl who is based in London, Nikki Abdullahi, is now in the middle of multiple controversies as the man, Muyiwa Akingbade, who got her pregnant is in prison custody and the UK authorities want to deport him back to Nigeria after he was caught in a bid to commit fraud at the Barclays Bank.

Nikki already has two children from two different men, so one wonders why she had to allow the "secret things" she did with Muyiwa, aka Muyiwa Manchester, to lead to pregnancy. Sources say he is a married man but Nikki is so much in love with him that she is the one running around on his behalf.

Sadly, Gospel Singer Lanre Teriba, aka Atorise, who is her boyfriend, is no longer interested in her...
Their steamy relationship is said to have collapsed and they went their separate ways after Nikki blocked all the moves by Atorise to use her as a means to get a United Kingdom residency permit.

Her tummy is increasing by the day but the man who put her in the condition is in prison after he was convicted for bank fraud. Anyway, Nikki is still running around with her big tummy, trying to pull some strings.


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