Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lagos Fashion Meniac And Awards 2014

LAGOS FASHION MENIAC is a runway show with an edge in fashion and style, a platform set to develop, empower and encourage talented/young designers and models, with the responsibility of boosting, revitalizing and re-branding the Nigerian fashion industry through our events which discourages social ill-norms and values among the youths with a view of making NIGERIA great.

LAGOS FASHION MENIAC also aims at cutting across geographic and culture barriers and position itself as youth empowerment fashion show targeted at showcasing the best of young & upcoming designer/models, driving the Nigerian fashion industry and ultimately uplift its profile within the globe.

We give upcoming designers/models and visitors room for interactive platform to maximize their exposure within and beyond their industrial circle and open gateways for more business opportunities.

LAGOS FASHION AWARDS, This is an annual award put together to celebrate outstanding Stars, Youths & Lifetime Achievers in the role of fashion who has tolled with their heart, soul and body in uplifting the Nigerian fashion industry and also for those who has achieved and made it pertinent to give back to the society. This award is specially set to encourage philanthropists and young fashion pioneers who have distinguished themselves rightly within the business circle and has in one way or the order proven that through fashion, style & creativity one can impact lives, create jobs, and make a living.

Note Voting for LFA kick up 1st of May and close july 13th

Venue: Bespoke Centre Lekki

Email: roy.hilson@yahoo.com


  1. Yayyyyyyy we love this initiative!!! Can't wait to have it again.