Sunday, April 13, 2014

“I Correct God’s Mistakes” – Gender Changing Surgeon

61-year-old South Korean surgeon, Kim Seok-Kwun, has revealed that he corrects God's mistake by performing gender changing surgeries.

Kim Seok-Kwun was a pioneer in this sphere in South Kprea in 1980s and first was highly criticized by his colleagues and pastor. Fellow doctors used to say jokingly that he was going to hell if he didn't stop.

However now the gender change surgeon feels proud that he has improved lives of many people. In a recent interview doctor Kim said:

"I've decided to defy God's will. At first, I agonized over whether I should do these operations because I wondered if I was defying God. I was overcome with a sense of shame. But my patients desperately wanted these surgeries. Without them, they'd kill themselves. Some people are born without genitals or with cleft lips or with no ears or with their fingers stuck together. Why does God create people like this? Aren't these God's mistakes? And isn't a mismatched sexual identity a mistake, too?"

Doctor Kim, who is called "the father of South Korean transgender people" has carried out about 320 sex change surgeries.


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