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FAYROUZ PRESENTS L'ORIGINAL EXPRESSION SHOW … Mai Atafo, Kunbi Oyelese, Omoyemi Akerele, Orange Culture, Others Announced As Judges.

Following the launch of the Fayrouz L’Original platform in December 2013 with the ‘Party for the Originals’; Nigeria’s premium soft drink, Fayrouz has announced the search for the best fashion & lifestyle team in Nigeria.
Are you a lover of fashion and style? Do you have what it takes to work in a team? Do you want your unique sense of fashion recognized and promoted? Nigeria’s premium soft drink, Fayrouz has a treat for all young and talented fashion-forward undergraduates in universities across Nigeria.
KinaButi and guest
Mai Atafo
Kunbi Oyelese for April By Kunbi
The competition will have teams of four young creative minds including a Fashion Designer, Make-Up Artiste, Photographer and a Model, come together to create original ensembles.
These contending teams will battle for the prize money of $20,000 and fashion opportunities of a lifetime.
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Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.02.22 PM
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Fayrouz has also selected fashion icons in the Nigerian fashion industry as judges for the competition and they will also serve as mentors to all contending teams. They include Mai Atafo of Mai Atafo Inspired, Kunbi Oyelese of April By Kunbi, Warebi Martha of Catwalk Productions and Nobel Afrik as Consultants and Art Direction by Omoyemi Akerele of Style House.
They will also be joined by regional judges who will select the final 10 teams that will move to the grand finale. These creative individuals include Orange Culture, Gozel Green, Kate Williams among others.
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During the competition, registered teams will participate in tasks that will be given every week to move to every phase of the competition. A regional show for the final 10 teams will also hold in Enugu before a grand finale to select the L’Original team, which will hold in Lagos in July.
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Registration has commenced on the Fayrouz L’Original official website You can register your team members and create a portfolio on what best describes your team, complete the first task and you are in!
To qualify for the L’Original Expression competition, you must be a student in a Nigerian university or a corps member as you will need to include an active matriculation number or call-up number during registration.
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So if you are a photographer who can shoot pictures that speak a million words… or a model who can set the runway on fire… or a fashion designer who can exhibit your flair for creating unconventional fashion designs… or a Makeup or Hair Stylist who can create art with your brush, scissors and comb… Fayrouz L’Original Expression show is the competition you need to reach the top and surpass your dreams.
Registration ends on the 28th of April 2014 so hurry while you can!


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