Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Church Money: This Is My Story ––Comedian Klint Opens Up

The story as reported  recently is that Comedian Klint Da Drunk collected N250,000 as his advance payment from Christos International Church in Abuja to perform at the church's event on Saturday 22 March, but he refused to show up, claiming they gave him a different date.

Klint has finally opened up to Nigerian Films. Below is his side of the story:
“On my way to Owerri, they called to tell me that the event was that day, which was 22nd of March, and that I should start coming (to Abuja). They were begging me to be in Abuja. If they were so sure of the date, why were they begging me? The church told me they would pay whatever cost I incur for my flight to the programme that day...
“That I missed the show wasn’t my fault, the church should be faulted. At the end of the day, I still went to Abuja (on Sunday) because I had already bought the ticket for Sunday. I tried reaching the pastor, but I couldn’t.

“Someone called me (a journalist) and I explained to him, only for him to go back and write that it was because I played computer games that I missed the programme. Does he (the journalist) know how far I have gone? He doesn’t even know me, he wants to use his blog as a platform to crush me. Let God judge all this.”

When asked whether he has refunded the money, Klint said the church did not give him an account number to make a refund. An angry Klint said: “they claim to be a church, which is supposed to be the most peaceful organization. I will go to that church and I will settle it with them.”

- So, who is lying? Did the church actually beg Klint in secret and come out open to say something else?