Tuesday, April 1, 2014

“Buy My Mum A Private Jet, Then You Can Disvirgin Me” - Nigerian Female Singer Adokiye Kyrian

Seductively beautiful, fragile and provocative wave-making singer, Adokiye Kyrian, who  became UN ambassador of Peace in less than five years of her climb onto the stage of music in Nigeria, is a hot item any day any time. She never ceases to amaze and seems never to run out of bag of tricks to mesmerise fans and haters alike…that’s how a vanguard reported described her..

But true to such description, the raz female singer shocked everyone when she said she’s still a virgin.

While having a chat and she was quizzed about love and sex she replied
“ I really don’t like love”, she said “ I’m a career person,  what I have for everyone including guys, is Agape love. Love is wicked  and there is no real love, I’m young and living the life. Until I see one, I’m happy like this”
Speaking further about her relationship status she said
“Yes, actually, I’m in a relationship with my career, architecture is my husband and music/movie my boyfriend”, and when asked the big and direct one:-
“You mean you are not getting laid or what?”,

She said “ Haba, what is a young girl getting laid for. I’m still a virgin”. For a moment, I thought I hadn’t heard right and I guessed she thought so too. “Why are you quiet?  Haven’t you  seen a pretty virgin before? If you don’t believe me, you have seen one today.  Any man that buys my mum the private jet I promised her, wins my heart”


  1. lol...in ur dreams

  2. see this skrep......madam go sit down jo

  3. smh...na gold dey your toto ni abi na diamond