Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beautiful Liars: The Movie Is Now Showing On Your TV Stations

Delivering topnotch Television content capable of keeping viewers glued to their TV sets is one of the focal goals of MIND PICTURES LIMITED as they partner with MAJIC DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS in bringing an out-of-the-box soap opera to your screen from this quarter (April 2014).

The Long awaited 'BEAUTIFUL LIARS', written and produced by Chucks Etolue, is a soap exclusively shot in America with a blend of Nigerian and American actors featuring in this mind-blowing soap opera.

Beautiful Liars has a larger than life storyline which tries to portray the live style of the wealthy with special focus on glamour, greed and excesses. The story is set in the Garden City, centered on the wealthy but troubled Emego family, headed by the powerful Oil tycoon - Dunn Emego. 

In the premiere episode, Dunn's wife Debra mistaking her daughter's boyfriend Kingsley for her husband and had séx with him at her daughter's graduation party...

This case of mistaken identity would certainly destroy Debra's marriage if Dunn's daughter Jasmine finds out. Despite all attempts to keep a secret, Jasmine still finds out. Jasmine results to blackmail as the tool to force Debra and her daughter Mekky out of the company etc. 

BEAUTIFUL LIARS hit homes on a 30 minutes primetime belt and parade star artists like Bella Nickole, Gigi Koustan, Chucks Etuole, Bisi Fagbohun, Manfred Tambe etc.

"Plans are still in Top gear..." are the words of Managing Director of Mind Pictures Limited - Mrs. Maureen Odeja as BEAUTIFUL LIARS storm top TV stations in Nigeria. 

Mind Pictures Limited is a 21st century compliant Entertainment Company incorporated in Nigeria with the primary focus on Consultancy, Production and Marketing of highly creative broadcast contents to mention but a few.

Watch out for Beautiful Liars on your favorite TV stations and Network Television SOON… 

STV Saturday 4:30-5:00pm
Galaxy TV Saturday 10-10:30PM
WAP TV Thursday 10-10:30PM
OGTV (Abeokuta) Sunday 7:30-8:00PM
ITV (Benin ) Thursday 10-10:30pm 
BCOS ( Ibadan ) Saturday 11 – 11:30pm

Coming soon also on:
ITV (Abuja ) , LTV, River state Television & NTA Network.


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