Saturday, March 8, 2014

What Will You Do If You Catch Your Wife/Husband In The Act? [PHOTO]

Love and trust are very important in marriage and couples are expected to uphold these ideals to sustain their marriage. However, infidelity is one of the challenges in marriage that has ruined many promising homes. So, PUNCH asked some people what they would do if they meet their spouses doing it live with another person in their homes. Below are their interesting responses:

I went mad when it happened to me
Did you know it has happened to me before? I couldn’t believe it would ever happen to me. It was just like a dream and I could hardly believe it. Although it was very painful, I knew life must continue. I wanted to run mad on that day, but as a Christian, I just had to restrain myself...
I was just mute when I caught my wife red-handed with another man. I called her after the whole thing and told her to be with whoever would make her happy. I forgave her afterwards.
-Tella Hezekiah

That might end our relationship
That will be a shock of a lifetime. I won’t fight them and I won’t drag anything with him at that moment. In fact, I will go out for about ten to fifteen minutes, and when he’s done, I will need him to tell me why he did that. It might be that I’m not good enough in bed. Then we will start a hot argument on why he did that and if he doesn’t give me a good answer, we will have a serious fight. I will also need to report him to his parents. And if he doesn’t apologise or show remorse, that might be the end of the relationship or I’d have to pack my things and leave his house for some time.
-Fatimah Olofinjana

I will forgive her
Let me start with the parable of the woman in the Bible that was caught while committing adultery and brought before Jesus Christ to be stoned. Jesus Christ told her accusers that whosoever was not guilty of an offence should be the first to cast the first stone at her. They all fled. In other words, we are all guilty of one offence or the other. As a Christian, I will forgive her with the hope that she would not do it again.
-Fasusi Martins

I will thank him
I won’t do anything at that moment but I will thank him for that and go out. Later, I will ask him if I am not doing enough. Of course, I will be angry. I can even talk to elders and report him to God because I make myself available for him all the time. I mean, I give it to him anytime he wants it, so I will wonder why he would do that. That will lead to serious quarrel and enmity between us and I won’t allow him to touch me while the quarrel lasts. Though if he apologises, I will forgive him because of the love and the need to endure. I think it’s one of the challenges in marriage.
-Kudirat Adekunle

I will divorce her
Seriously, I wouldn’t want to predict my reaction in a rush. I can still handle the situation a bit if someone told me she was caught having an affair with somebody else. In fact, I will forgive her if she’s willing to put a stop to it. However, if I should catch her red-handed in bed with another man, she is definitely not going to spend a day more under my roof. Even the Bible says that a man could divorce his wife on the basis of adultery. Why allow her to stay much longer? Such a woman could kill me.
-Oladapo Olushola

She will walk out naked
Haaa! If I catch them doing it, I will just go and soak her clothes in water so that she will walk out naked. In fact, I will disgrace her such that when she sees married men, she will run. That will be her punishment for coming to my matrimonial home. 
The woman will be in big trouble
I won’t do anything to my husband at that moment but the woman will be in big trouble. I won’t even let them explain but they will have to pay for it. Even if my husband does such things outside, he shouldn’t attempt to try it at home. But if he apologises, I will reconsider but there will be no séx for him for some time. Haa, I will deal with the woman and for ever in her life, she won’t date a married man again.
-Maryam Yahaya

We will settle it
Well, I don’t pray it happens. In fact, I’m hoping that it never happens to me. But if it ever happens, I will not do anything at that point in time. But later, I will call her and have a serious conversation with her. If she would repent and promise me never to do it again, I will forgive her totally.
-Ogundare Oluwabukola

I will frustrate his life
I will be shocked and probably go out instantly because I won’t be able to bear it. If he is a responsible man, he will stop doing it and apologise. I will accept his apology but still punish him severely. In fact, I will bring my male friends, exchange calls and messages with them all in a bid to frustrate him. There will be no second time because I will show him pepper. I will frustrate his life, go to hotels with male friends, bring them home and even kiss them in his presence. While all that is going on, I won’t let him have sex with me. In fact, he would have to go for baptism and medical test and even take an oath in my presence that he won’t do it again before I can reconsider. This is because infidelity can bring bad luck and spiritual problem to one’s life, so, it’s better if he doesn’t try it. If I know that he does it outside I will question him.
-Adams Amudalat

I will walk away
What do you expect me to do? I will simply walk away. But really, any partner doing that is capable of killing you. Though it will be painful, yet I will not take law into my hands. I will let it go. However, she would lose my trust in her because that is the foundation of unfaithfulness.
-Falajiki Ebenezer

I will faint if that happens
If I catch them red-handed, I will faint because I can’t believe my husband will do a thing like that. When the shock is gone, I will ask him who she is and why he cheated on me like that. After the explanation, I will decide whether to leave his house or stay because I can’t do such a ridiculous thing, so staying with such a man may be disgusting. I may, or may not forgive him but I won’t forget. If I don’t have a baby for him yet, that will be good because I will be gone forever. But if I already have a baby for him, I will stay because of that but I won’t let him have sex with me for a long time. If he cheats again, then I will excuse him for some time. I won’t do anything to the lady to avoid violence.
-Titilayo Okoro