Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wendy Williams Blasts Lupita's Brother, Peter Nyong'o For Being "All-Over-The-Place" [PHOTOS]

On Wendy Williams show, Wendy slammed Lupita Nyongo's brother ,Peter for taking too many selfies/photos with celebrities.
According to her, she couldn't explain why he was all over the place jumping around and looking for celebrities to take pictures with when it was his sister's day and not his. She said it was an annoying attitude and that he took his sister's shine!
 She made reference to Penelope Cruz who has a sister but wasn't known until much later. She also said other Oscar winners' families or siblings weren't all over the place. Wendy added that Peter should go back to college... To substantiate her point, she showed different pictures he has taken with celebrities! Haha!!
See the pics below.
                                                              With Swizz Beatz
                                                                 Jamie Fox &Alex Ferguson 
With Brad & Angelina 
                                              With John Legend playing in the background.....   
                                                            With Gabrielle Union
With Kevin Spacey
With Selena Gomez    


  1. no dey carry last sha

  2. hahahahahahahahaha.......very funny

  3. people need to mind their business