Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Student disguising as mad man lynched in Ibadan [PHOTOS]

This incident happened at Adeoyo Hospital Road, off Ring Road, Ibadan,The young man in question is said to have paraded the area for sometime now as a mad man, and was well known. However, his cover blew when a resident noticed an expensive blackberry phone with him, and raised alarm, indicating that there was more to the mentally deranged man than meets the eye.
As a result, residents apprehended the young man in question. He was searched and an ID card, identifying him as a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University was found on him. What raised more suspicion however was that he had with him two expensive blackberry phones, and another expensive phone. They also found with him a list, which after been tortured he confessed were his clients whom he sold human parts to.
As expected the crowd descended mercilessly on him. He was about to be set ablaze when the police arrived and took him away.
The photos below are very graphic, Viewer discretion is highly advised.
The incident happened around noon today, and the man was taken away about an hour later. However, MDB had been recently informed that the young man eventually gave up the ghost and didn’t survive the lynching.