Wednesday, March 26, 2014

REVEALED: Sex Scandals Of Nollywood Actresses

Scandal is rampant in the entertainment industry. No scandals, no entertainment.

Uti Nwachukwu, a stake holder in Nollywood recently revealed in an interview that most actresses sleep around because of that, that he and some of his friends cannot marry An actress.
Meanwhile, here is a list of actresses that wear hot pants and as such sleep around.

1) Topping the list is a fair complexion actress from the South-South, she loves tattoos so much and was recently said to have regretted getting her tattoos. She once dated a music producer who later dumped her. She used to be a chain smoker. She was once reportedly to have engaged in sex with a man who paid her N5M. She also had her interest in a young Singer who is a wizard in the singing department.

2) Second on the list is said to have been responsible for the separation of a popular movie producer and her fair in complexion actress wife. She was reportedly pregnant for the movie producer then after which those in the know claimed that she may have aborted the pregnancy. Recent reports claim the hot pant actress who is from the Eastern part of the country and her producer lover are planning to wed this month. She is pretty with a degree from IMSU. She was once reported to have sexed a South South Governor who is in a face off with the presidency. Her surname incorporates one of the names of one major tribes in Nigeria.

3) Third on my list is a very beautiful fair complexion lady from the south south. She was severally accused of dating another married top actor from the Same geopolitical zone with her, she was also married then. The actress is also said to have caused the separation of a fair Yoruba actress from Edo from her movie producer and director husband. The actress was married twice. She is reportedly cohabiting with the Dark movie director in USA. She bears Same name with a popular ex first lady.

4) Fourth on the list is a half caste who has reportedly relocated to her home state in the South south. She has two grown up sons.She doesn’t care about what people say about her. Her philosophy is that every body is entitled to his or her own opinion. She has been married thrice and divorced. She used to date younger guys too. But she recently declared that her main aim in life is to make heaven.

5) This one is big in the industry, she is of average height ,dark, a mother of one. People love her so much. She was once reported to have dated a very big and top politician from the North which fetched her a lot of goodies. She also dated a dark Yoruba Nollywood actor when she was new in the industry and also dated a handsome actor who has relocated abroad and now a born again. The pretty actress also dated a top musician. She was recently mentioned in a sex mess in Calabar.

6) This actress is fair and speaks in a tiny voice. She is well endowed in the upper region. She has a milk industry that can feed the whole population in Lagos. She was once reported to have slept with a dog which she vehemently denied and claimed it was only a movie. She was rumoured to have HIV which she vehemently denied also. She doesn’t care about what people think of her as she always releases sexy pictures for her numerous fans.

7) She is dark, plumpy, well endowed in the front region but has a dirty skin. She recently bragged about how she turned down a marriage proposal. She once had a face off with a curvy actress who accused her of snatching her musician boyfriend. She was also accused by another upcoming colleague of hers in Asaba of snatching a young boyfriend of hers. The tenth alphabet begins her surname.

(8 She is married with two kids. Light skinned and a British citizen. Her husband is based abroad. She was once reported to be having hitches in her marriage because of her Flirty life style. Both her first and surname begin with the 15th alphabet. She is An only child from South Eastern part of the country. She once fought with her actress friend who lives in London and was reportedly thrown out out of the house sometime as ago by the actress friend who is married to a white man.

9) She is tall, has K-leg, pretty and dark, and recently divorced her husband alleging wife battery. She is rumoured to be dating a current BIG politician who people claim sponsored her various trips abroad even the last one where she was lodged in the world most expensive hotel. The actress in question loves traveling and snapping pictures. She bears the Same surname as a popular actor who was reported to have sworn to deal with his landlord.

10) She is very pretty, dark, and voluptuous. She used to be hot, as in hot, I mean very hot. She is now married and marriage seems to have slowed her down. She was reportedly among the people An embattled ex Speaker spent huge money on, the money which the ex Speaker was said to have embezzled. She is married to a dark guy who resides abroad. The actress while married, was accused by the media of been caught in a hotel with an unknown man. But her husband stood by her and defended his wife. She is married to a man that is from the Same state as her surname.

1. Tonto dike
2. Nuella Njubigbo
3. Stella Damasus
4. Shan George
5. Genevieve nnaji
6. Cossy Orjiakor
7. Anita joseph
9. Chika ike


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