Saturday, March 1, 2014

Music Artiste Psquare Reveals Reasons Behind Their Launched Alingo' Animated project

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Music artiste Psquare who recently launched a cartoon series titled ” The Alingos” has come out to reveal the reason behind the project which is produced by P-Classic Entertainment, an entertainment company and owned by the brothers.

Explaining the idea behind the concept, Peter says the project is being conceptualised and produced in Nigeria with no foreign input whatsoever. Hear him:

“We have relentlessly been working on this and unprecedented family-oriented animated series. Since our outfit seeks to produce television contents, animation, discover and groom young musicians, it was only natural that we announce our arrival with this project.

It will initially run as a weekly web series and then on TV”.

He further explains that fans will watch the ‘Unlimited’ animated video as well as The Alingos by first downloading the P-Square app, which is due for release next week. He said:

“The app will contain an archive of exclusive pictures of P-Square, gallery of latest musical videos, including all the videos from past albums, compilation of all P-Square’s songs, behind-the-scene videos and awards. Other features include concert videos, tickets, events and tour dates as well as their flagship project The Alingos series

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