Friday, March 21, 2014

Drake dumps Rihanna

Drake dumps Rihanna can OFFICIALLY REPORT . . . the two of them are BROKEN UP!!! This ain’t rumor either y’all . . . it’s FACT. And yes, we came prepared to SHOW RECEIPTS!!!
We spoke with a person CLOSE to Drak’s OVO crew, who told us that Drake KICKED RIHANNA OFF HIS TOUR . . . because she was ACTING UP. According to our snitch, after spending the WEEK with Rihanna, Drake HIT IT REPEATEDLY . . . . and QUIT IT.
According to our REAL RELIABLE INSIDER, Drake’s OVO crew was NOT FEELING RIHANNA at all – they felt she was TOO BOSSY AND CONDESCENDING ESPECIALLY TOWARDS DRAKE’S CREW – so they kept pressuring Drake to cut her loose. Eventually it worked, because we’re told that RIHANNA WANTED TO STAY ON TOUR with Drake . . . but Drake was like NAH . . . it’s time for you to GO HOME.
And one day after he CUT RIHANNA LOOSE, Drake flew his REAL GIRL, WINTA’NNA to be with him in Ireland. received word from a DIFFERENT VERY reliable source that Drake has been dating a LOVELY young British Ethiopian girl named WINTA’NNA for about two years now. They’re kind of ON AND OFF, but more ON than off. She’s the girl that Drake rapped about in Poetic Justice, the East African girl with the big azz in the sun dress. After Rihanna got PUT OUT . . . Drake flew in his REAL GIRL, whom Drake’s crew LOVES!!