Thursday, March 20, 2014

Abortion After Rape is a Double Sin – Prophet TB Joshua

TB Joshua 4
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said it wasn’t a sin to abort a baby who is the product of rape”"
“No child should be brought into this world by force, if a lady has been raped, it is left for her to make a decision of whether to keep the baby or not.”
Pastor TB Joshua disagrees as he answered the question on his official Facebook page
 ”Committing an abortion when you are raped is a double sin. …God often uses foolish things to express Himself. Many great people and heroes today are products of this background. In any way, in any circumstance you find yourself in today as you are reading this note, you have not committed any unpardonable sin. Run to Jesus; don’t run from Him in whatever situation you find yourself.” #AskTBJoshua”
Whose opinion do you go with…