Monday, February 17, 2014

UNBELIEVABLE: Popular Lagos Pastor Fights Church Executives Over Private Jet Acquisition

This is definately not the best of time for Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Day Star Christian Center located on Oregun road, Lagos, western Nigeria.
According to an insider at the church, Pastor Sam, as he’s fondly addressed by his fans, is currently encountering some turbulence with the church's board members over his plan to acquire a private jet.

According to the source, the pastor, who was a year older on Monday 3rd of February, 2014, had disclosed his desire to acquire a private jet as his birthday gift, a request that didn't go well with some of his board members because of the expenses the church had undergone in 2013.
Pastor Sam is said to be unyielding and his alibi we gathered is because majority of his contemporaries are proud owners of the fleet which makes ministration and motivational speaking, one of their strongest attributes, easy overseas.

The source also added that the man of God already have offers from one or two international companies that are willing to sell their Jets for more sophisticated ones and Pastor Sam is not going to miss the offer especially because its considerably affordable.

Pastor Sam we further gathered has been eyeing either Jet Hawker 900XP which is estimated to be worth $20m (N3.2b), the type owned by billionaires Dr. Kashim and Sir Aremu Johnson and Gulfstream G450, which is estimated to be $15m around (N2.4b) same type owned by Bishop Oyedepo. The soft spoken preacher has been alleged to be secretly window shopping for either of these two fleets if the board members agree.

It would be recalled that the cosmopolitan pastor once told a gathering at the Annual Excellence in Leadership Conference, ELC organised by the church sometimes in 2012 that: “I do not own a private jet,” adding that the media were just speculating what was not.

He described the news of his ownership of a jet as “rumour that has been there for sometime especially in the junk media. “It is becoming a source of concern now that reputable magazines and newspapers are saying the same thing.”


  1. They are not men of God,pls don't add dat tag to dem,they are men of there own will,extravengant men,business men,fraudulent men