Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SHOCKER: Tinubu’s Daughter In Bribery Scandal

Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, daughter of former Lagos State Governor and leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has been embroiled in a bribery allegation.

*Tinubu, left, and Folashade

According to a report, it was alleged that Tinubu-Ojo, who is Lagos State's market leader, demanded millions of naira and cards of APC before she re-opened the Abibatu Mogaji Model Market in Lagos.
The market, popularly called Iponri Market, was recently opened 10 days after it was locked up by the market leader.

It was learnt that the market was opened, after each trader paid between N500 and N1, 000 as fine, while those who did not pay the money as of Saturday, were fined N5,000.

Market sources said while Tinubu-Ojo demanded N5m from the traders before the market was opened, those she sent to open it made an extra demand of N200,000, but the traders bargained and paid N50,000.
Investigation also revealed that part of the conditions given by Tinubu-Ojo before she ordered the market to be opened was that all the marketers must tender their membership card of the APC.

It was reported on February 12 how Tinubu’s daughter stormed the market penultimate Saturday with a team of policemen and locked it without giving any explanation.

Traders, who spoke the condition of anonymity, had, however, said the crackdown was the fallout of a fight between a woman loyal to Tinubu-Ojo and a member of the market committee.

The woman was said to have been locked up in a police cell, which made the state market leader angry.
When newsmen visited Iponri Market on Tuesday, he observed that life was gradually returning to it. It was learnt that the market committee had been dissolved, while the market leaders had been asked to “step aside.”

A source, who pleaded anonymity said, “Part of the decisions of the meeting we had with the Iyaloja-General (Tinubu-Ojo) on Thursday was that the market leaders should step aside for some time, while the market committee should be dissolved.

“Those of us operating big shops were asked to pay N1,000 as fine, while those with small shops were told to pay N500. Those who did not pay when others contributed the money have been asked to pay N5,000.
“The women that the Iyaloja-General asked to open the gate for us asked for N200, 000 extra, but people begged them, and they eventually collected N50,000.”

Tinubu-Ojo however, confirmed the opening of the market when asked on the phone, adding that money was collected as fine, which was a norm in the market.

She said, “We have opened the market. I sent some people to open it. Yes, we collected money as fine, which is the norm in the market. But I don’t know what other thing you are talking about.”


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