Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sex Scandal Rocks Popular Billionaire Family in Lagos

Things are not the same any more, gone are the days when women respect their marriage. As you read this, a major séx scandal has enveloped three prominent families – and if not well handled, will not only injure their  age long reputations, but may even consume some lives.

The situation is that bad. In fact, it is so odious. This explains why their parents have been running helter skelter and doing everything within their power to ensure that the matter doesn't get messier.

Below is how the cat was let out of the bag...

The three families involved are from Osun, Lagos and Oyo States. All socialites and big time businessmen, one of them was at some point a Minister of the Federal Republic.

Shoga, one of the major actors, was caught sleeping with his best friend's wife, Biodun. The said Biodun is also very close to Esther, Shoga's wife.

A source told YES International Magazine that Bankole, husband to Biodun, was at home with his wife gisting and jiving until she excused herself to go freshen up. Not long after she went into the rest room, her phone rang. Her innocent husband picked it and what he saw on the screen was SH – that is, Sweet Heart. Wondering who his wife could be referring to as such, he took a closer look at the number and discovered that it was his friend; not just his friend, but his closest friend, Shoga.

Quickly, he swapped his SIM with his wife's. And as if on cue, text messages, both shocking and shameless, started flooding his phone. When he couldn't take it any longer, he dialed his friend's number. But thinking that it was his secret lover, the man began telling the 'woman' how much he's missed her and how he can't wait for her to meet him at their love haven. Unable to take it any further, the man started hurling curses and abuses at his friend, who instantly, cut him off.

Seething with rage, he pounced on his wife, beating her blue and black as soon she emerged from the shower room. The commotion from their home attracted some neighbors who first rescued her and thereafter rushed her to the hospital.

Their parents were alerted and they all converged at the couple's residence in one of the highbrow areas on the Island. After being told the sordid details of their children's séxcapades, they resolved that they all jet out of the country to cool off first. They've escaped from Nigeria.

But Bankole is still insisting on divorce his unfaithful wife or nothing. Shoga, of course, has since vamoosed.

Interestingly, the same Biodun has a fashion designer sister whose marriage crashed as she was also caught by her husband engaging in extra marital affairs.

The dirty story of these big Lagos families is still unfolding... Really messy!


  1. This is serious..I think they nid salvation in deir lives

  2. a man who is performing well on his wife is in a big soup