Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reason Why Actress Uche Iwuji's Rich Husband Dumped Her

Ladies, if you know you still want to be "free like a bird", then don't go into marriage as there is no room to be free as actress Uche Iwuji had wanted it. The babe want to be married and still continue doing "runs"!

As you all know, Uche Iwuji has been celebrating the break up of her marriage to businessman Juwon Lawal on the social media. Now the truth about what led to her husband chasing her from his house is finally out...

According to Encomium magazine, actress Uche Iwuji was neck deep in infidelity:

On Friday, November 16, 2012, when the estranged couple said 'I do' to each other, little did they know that the boat of their romance would capsize so soon. But to the surprise of many within and outside the industry, months after, rumour mills were agog that the hitherto Romeo and Juliet had gone their separate ways on account of infidelity on the side of Iwuji, linking her to a bank MD. 

According to an industry source, the real reason the relationship went sour was largely due to the alleged romance between Iwuji and the top banker. 

"We learnt that when Juwon got a wind of the rumour of his wife's romance with her banker lover, he couldn't believe it because just last year, he bought a car worth N4m for her. So, what's her problem? But when the guy returned from Europe, he found a lot of dirty and implicating text messages of the man in Iwuji's mobile phone.  

"All explanations by Iwuji fell on Juwon's deaf ears. He just decided to call it quits with her."


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