Monday, February 17, 2014


Stanley Anosike CEO MM2 PROMOTIONS in a statement is delighted (MM2) yet again is at the forefront of this, Quoting - “We are very committed to the growth of Young Talented Promising Music Artiste and sees Our Mixtape Project as a step in the right direction to Assist Young talented artiste so their voice can be heard Here in Nigeria and round other West African Countries".
Innovative and progressive in all Aspect MM2 are venturing to raise yet again in 2014, a bigger and better Mixtape Project to unite and bring together, the best Songs of Young Promising Talented Music Artiste Round West Africa Countries all Inside One (1) Mixtape Compilation Project, alongside Songs Of African Superstars.

“This mix would be Mixed by Nigeria’s finest DJ spinning and it would be well Distributed Free of charge true MM2 large distribution channels which are known Entertainment bodies In NIGERIA, GHANA, BENIN REPUBLIC & TOGO and is sure to spread the Song of this Young music stars Round to the high class individuals and low middle class.
NOTE: we DON’T only mix our selections with upcoming artistes only, we mix with the finest, hottest, popular and current waving songs.

…. You might want to ask! Why can’t you just promote your music via TV, RADIO or INTERNET? Yes those means are effective and expensive but not 100% effective, Our Mixtape which is well distributed eats deep into the heart of every corner of the street, both rural and urban areas in states across the West Africa Countries even overseas.

How does it work? MM2 will remix your song suitable for Dance hall, or even make it commercial with the help of our professional DJ. Most times a lot of complain comes from some artistes saying few marketers or DJ’s will not mix neither help in promoting their works which they’ve paid for, this is where MM2 comes in.
Mass Movement Promotions (MM2) has gotten it’s stand and also build trust, confident and resourcefully gain lot of waves to assist you get all this done and have your music, songs be featured on for the purpose of promotion, and we will ensure that such SELECTION are produced and assist you with this whole process and safe time, stress, also prevent you from falling in the wrong hands at this process.

After the Compilation of MM2 MIXTAPE, We do Carry Out the Launching of the Mixtape with a Club Party, As we have always done in the Past.

This Year, with a Better Preparation and more Bodies getting Involved. We are Proud to announce that we would Be having a Bigger and Better MM2 MIXTAPE LAUNCH Event which would be graced by different Personalities from different sectors, Who Believe in Supporting Young Talented Youths in Nigeria & Africa at large. Also we would be having a Club Tour In Lagos, which is Guaranteed to Bring Out Top bloggers, Music Producers, Dj’s , Tv and Radio Personalities Involved in the Entertainment Business and give this Young Artiste the chance to mingle and make contacts that would enhance their career.

(1) Its an opportunity to spread ur song beyond the shores of Nigeria Into BENIN REPUBLIC, GHANA & TOGO.                                         5000 pieces per country.
(2) It takes your music to the Grass-root because we are going to be giving out the MIXTAPE for “FREE” without a fee in this countries.
(3). Its Gonna be an opportunity for Artiste to probably get a Record deal because we would also send the Mixtape to TOP record labels.
(4). Its an opportunity to Perform, Mingle with your fellow young artiste, music superstars, Bloggers, radio and Tv Personnels at the MIXTAPE Launch party. Corporate Launching & CLub Tour Launching
(5) You would Automatically be a part member of TEAM_MM2, which means you have access to various Events being Packaged by Us..


Please note :: Mass Movement Promotions would continue to push the Mixtape, giving it out for FREE for a period of “5MONTHS” and making Sure it gets to the Average human being In the streets of GHANA, NIGERIA, BENIN REPUBLIC & TOGO. .                              
          After the Mixtape release launch party MM2 Compliation Mixtape Project Would also be Online on Your Favourite Music Downloading Website For those Who wants the mixtape On their Mobile Phone, Ipad and other Devices.. .                                                                

If interested, You would be Required to pay in –»

(1). To Have Only One (1) of Your song on MM2MIXTAPE2014 and also to Perform @ the launch Party Is #6000 ..
If you are putting more than ONE song you would be given a discount.

If you want (1) of your SONG & PICTURE on the Mixtape Jacket Front cover Is - #12,000

All payment should be Paid into
Account Number — 0012304534.
Account Name — Stanley Anosike.
Bank – Access Bank

(2). Then Send an Email Titled – “MM2 WEST AFRICA MIXTAPE” with the Following Details. “PAYEE’S NAME | UR SONG Or its DOWNLOAD LINK | STAGE NAME & PHONE NUMBERS” to ( )

After Completing the above steps You would Receive a Mobile massage and Email for Confirmation and Update on Date, Time and Venue’s of when the MIxtape Cooperate Party & Club Tour would hold..
(That’s all Needed to get Your Song On MM2 WEST AFRICA INTERNATIONAL Compilation Project for The Year 2014.)

If you don’t understand anything Or For More Info Please call the numbers below : »

@Stanley_Anosike                                                                                                 Tel: +2348135620466. +2348127505878. 7B19785F.


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