Friday, February 14, 2014

Man Spends £10,000 Just To Look Like The Devil [PHOTOS]

Some people have spent thousands to look like Barbie and Ken, others hanker after Cheryl Cole's dimples. But this man, 43-year-old Diablo Delenfer - real name Gavin Paslowone from Kent has spent thousands of dollars, £10,000 specifically, to transform himself into a living, breathing devil from hell.

The divorced father-of-two says his difficult, really expensive transformation began in 2007 and so far, he has had his tongue forked, his teeth turned into razor-sharp fangs and horns that poke from his forehead,

Now, he wants to have screws implanted into his skull in a bid to create a devilish metal Mohawk!

"I chose to become the Devil Man because everything else has been done, whether here or in America. I'm not satanic at all - it's just a piece of fun. I'm pleased with my look so far, but what I really want is a tail. And not just a synthetic one - a proper, organic tail."
Delenfer has since had his ears made pointy and endured a series of painful tattoos that now cover his face and arms. However, looking like Lucifer has made his quest to find a girlfriend - somewhat difficult.


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