Friday, February 14, 2014

Justin Bieber Is Now a Gay; Caught Kissing A Guy [ PHOTOS ]

It’s no doubt that Bieber has been called many things – immature, ireesposible and deviant – but being gay might not become one of them. However, that changed when a photograph of the alleged pop star kissing another man surfaced online . The photo has stired up any more controversy and here is the truth..
The picture in question shows one man planting a deep kiss on the lips of a guy who looks like Justin, with his signature shaved haircut, tank top, and backwards snapback hat. But first things first — the guy on the right is actually just a look-alike, a man named Rob Miller who bears a striking resemblance to the “Baby” singer.
Rob posted the picture of he and his boyfriend kissing all the way back in August but its just recently that the media is taking the picture to another level.

So, this is obviously not photoshopped its just certain that its not Justin! Now we can all take a deep breath but how many of you actually thought it was the troubled singer? Be honest!


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