Monday, February 17, 2014

Governor's Son Caught With Fraudsters; Jeeps, Money And Others Seized In Lagos

The son of a popular governor, who lost out in the 2011 elections but is already printing campaign posted to go back to government house in 2015, has been caught with his gang of Yahoo Boys with huge sums of money and latest flashy cars and SUVs in the highbrow Lekki area of Lagos.

According to the story sent to us, the popular Alhaji Gay led EFCC operatives who stormed the base of these big boys that are working with a guy known as "Shina Peller", a don in the game.

Stuffs recovered from the ex-Governor's son and his gang included 3 Range Rover Sport SUV, two brand new 2013 Benz, three G Wagon Benz and $152,000 USD in cash with "juju" in their wardrobe...

According to source, the ex-governor's son and others have been released by EFCC men in a deal that saw them parting with One Million Naira (N1million) each as secret bail.

He said "Shina Peller", who is their boss, summoned Alhaji Gay to his office in VI but the controversial man was said to have claimed he know nothing about the EFCC operation, adding that the operatives just called him to show them the houses of the yahoo boys.

He also claimed the EFCC men work under G Runs (whatever that means) and the items recovered have all, in total disregard for the law, been shared among themselves.

Now who is the bigger thief? Is it the Yahoo Boys or EFCC men?