Thursday, February 27, 2014

Four Reasons Why Sean Tizzle Reminds Us Of D’banj

D'banj and Sean Tizzle
D’banj and Sean Tizzle looking dapper in suit
Sean Tizzle shares a lot of similarities with the ‘Koko Master’.

Sean Tizzle’s music career has experienced a quantum leap since his emergence in the industry a year ago. With a banging single ‘Sho Le’, the Ondo State born singer set the industry alight in 2013, capping up a brilliant year by scooping the Next Rated Award at the 2013 Headies Awards.

He evokes a certain wave of nostalgia in us as he seems to be taking the same career path and sharing other similarities with another older, established pop star, D’banj.

NET highlights four reasons Sean Tizzle reminds us of D’banj.

Breakout from a group
Sean Tizzle, like D’banj, was an unimportant member of a music group before breaking out to stardom.
After quitting school for a sojourn in the UK, D’banj started off with the JJC & 419 Crew. He spent most of his time as an inactive member of the group, backing up artistes with his Harmonica and gradually learning his craft.
Sean Tizzle with Naija-Ninja. Photo: Filed
Sean Tizzle with Naija-Ninja. Photo: Filed

Defunct group JJC&419 Squad
Defunct group JJC & 419 Squad. Photo: Youtube
Like D’banj, Sean Tizzle was also a member a crew before breaking out. Sean Tizzle, who was formerly known as Sean, started out with Naija Ninja Crew when he was signed along with other starters Karma, Yung GreyC and Blacka. The crew, along with Sound Sultan, formed the face of Naija Ninja and went on to release their first project in October 2012, an EP aptly titled The Rebirth, before Sean Tizzle broke out for a solo career.
Backed by a super producer
Dtunes and Sean Tizzle. Photo: Filed
Dtunes and Sean Tizzle. Photo: Filed
Don Jazzy and D'banj when the going was good. photo: Filed
Don Jazzy and D’banj when the going was good. photo: Filed
Sean Tizzle and D’banj broke out of a group and pitched tents with a super producer behind them.
D’banj’s rise from oblivion to commercial success was overseen by a behind-the-scene creative muse in the person of Don Jazzy. After quitting the JJC & 419 squad, D’banj made a move from mediocrity to world-wide fame with the help of his then partner and producer Don Jazzy.

Just like D’banj, Sean Tizzle’s rise to prominence was overseen by another producer in the person of D’tunes. D’tunes has become to Sean Tizzle and Difference Entertainment what Don Jazzy was for D’banj and Mo’hits Records.

Only time will tell if Sean Tizzle will continue in the footstep of D’banj by splitting with his producer D’tunes.
Performance at the Headies (Hip-hop World Awards)
Sean Tizzle wins 'Next Rated' award at The Headies 2013. P
Sean Tizzle wins ‘Next Rated’ award at The Headies 2013. Photo: Filed
D'banj and Don Jazzy performing at The Hip-Hop World Awards. Photo: Artistnaijafile
D’banj and Don Jazzy performing at The Hip-Hop World Awards. Photo: Artistnaijafile
D’banj’s performance at the maiden edition of the Hip-hop World Awards in 2006 sealed his A-list status in the Nigerian music industry. Clad in just a towel, his eccentric entrance to the Hip-hop World Awards stage in the Shell Hall of the MUSON Centre, Lagos, marked the beginning of stardom for the singer.  He went to win the Hip-hop World revelation of the year on the same night.

Like D’banj, Sean Tizzle also got the opportunity to announce himself on the stage of the award show renamed The Headies Awards. He also won The Next Rated Award at the show, an award category that came with a brand new Hyundai SUV.
Flashy Pop star lifestyle
Sean Tizzle Luxury
Sean Tizzle is now a proper Pop Star, an urban trend setter, ladies’ man and an absolute show man just like D’banj.

With exotic cars, blings, and an aura that oozes class and allure, Sean Tizzle is now known to have that grandeur and flashy pop star lifestyle that can be likened to D’banj and other big and successful pop stars.


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