Monday, February 24, 2014

Confession Of An HIV Infected Barber [MUST READ]

We Saw this story on facebook early this morning and we decide to share it...

I could have said my name but I've decided to stay anonymous for some personal reasons.

I'm a 27 year old barber I became a barber when I was diagnosed HIV positive bout 5years ago My parents are rich but I learnt it because I wanted to revenge on the society cos I hadn't met any woman at that time.. But I was fond of changing hairstyles to keep my "fine boy" intact.. Few time I come out with bruises and all cos ion use one particular barber and I didn't own a clipper during a free test for HIV I went for it and I was positive...

I ran out of the clinic.. Sulked for weeks then I thinking of how I have no future.. Cos of my predicament. Anger made me choose this path.. I became a barber.. And before I barb anybody I make sure I "sterilise" with my blood and try to leave a cut on the person.. Do this for weeks then change location.. I used my parents money for medication so I still looked okay though I'm dying within.. And girl liked me cos of my looks so I slept lotta girls

I know I've contaminated lotta people and I'm near my death confessing is... Well I'll probably go to hell..