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Why We Have No Respect For Groupies ( Interested in Sex With A Celeb )

Why We Have No Respect For Groupies ( Interested in Sex With A Celeb )

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As we all know, girls come in all shapes and sizes. They all vary in looks, personalities, and demeanor. It is safe to say that there are only a handful of women who can actually be considered extremely hot and elite. We’re talking about drop dead gorgeous vixens with all the perfect aspects that Men love.

There aren’t many of these angels out there and it’s safe to say the demand for them is a lot higher than the available supply.

Men love these women because they tend to turn out to be mistresses and are okay with being treated very poorly, even though their looks far exceed the value they think they have. The worst part about it is that most of these women are Grade A groupies. They are the ones that prowl around for guys with a lot of money, celebrities and, worst of all, Musicians.

Just think about how many times have you seen a rich guy with a girl that is way out of his league. How many times have you seen a totally hot girl with a celebrity and clearly doesn’t love him for his looks, but is trying to get in on the fame? Then of course if you look at musicians, public figures, athletes that are blessed with the hottest women from all around the world, they are perfectly okay with being their booty calls.

Groupie Kissing Iyanya
These women clearly don’t have much respect for themselves and are chasing one of two things, fame & money or a reality TV show. Simply being purely honest here, we don’t have much respect for these women. They are attracted to materialistic things that, if the world ended tomorrow, wouldn’t mean damn thing. You want to tell me a girl sleeps with Davido or Iyanya because she is sexually attracted to him or because he will treat her like the boyfriend they never had? Ha, that’s a good one.....

The best part about it is that these high-level people are trained to deal with groupies likes this and don’t ever let them get too close for comfort. They use them for one thing and one thing only- sex- which is what these girls are good for since they are giving it up for money, fame, and eventual unpaid child support checks.

There is nothing worse than a girl who is blatantly all about being a groupie. Always sleeping around with  athletes or celebrities and trying to get the attention she wants, because at the end of the day that is all they are looking for.

If you’re going to be a groupie at least do it right. What these women don’t understand is that the last men they should be chasing are the celebrities, athletes and musicians. The reason being that they won’t give a flying fuck about you.


For them, women are on demand and just as much they might seem like they like these groupies while their blowing them, a new girl will come around that is younger, hotter and swallows better- that’s the end of your groupie run. A girl that is looking for men like this is simply looking for attention. Sure, she’ll get it but only until he decides to upgrade to a newer model.

Groupies clearly have no respect for themselves and don’t understand that men in a high position of power are going to cheat as much as possible;  if we have attracted you as a groupie then there is a line of groupies waiting for a ride.

If you’re going to be a groupie at the very least don’t walk around with your head up high acting like you’re the hottest thing that has ever touched planet earth because you have more than 100k Twitter or Instagram followers. One thing all groupies need to understand is that they eventually will be left in the dirt as most athletes, musicians, and celebrities go broke. I hope all these groupies enjoy their missed child support checks and at that point we hope they think about whether or not they have done right.

If groupies are going to be groupies, they need to only go for the top tier guys. The quarterbacks, the 40-points a game scorer, the best of the best. The artist that actually has his shit together and is not addicted to drugs And the celebrities that have a longer window than 15-minutes of fame.

We see it time and time again: groupies will go for the scrubs of the team, the guys that barely make any money, and the guys that don’t even play or are terrible. Recently we witnessed a super hot girl that we know that dates a player that is a scrub on a football team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 10 years.

It’s quite clear what these girls are hungry for, but the smart thing would be to go after that wealthy businessman, lawyer or doctor. They will have money for a lot longer than any celebrity and you won’t have to worry about getting head-butted like Wande Coal did to his groupie.

We hate to break it to you groupies, but you girls are idiots. Here is the order of men that you should be trying to get from top to bottom. Businessmen, wealthy men, lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, tech giants, Artistes, Soccer players, Actors (they make pennies in their career) and then Rappers.

If you’re going to be a groupie, at least do it right. Think about it like this there is a 70% chance Artistes and Actors go broke, 60% chance Public Figures go broke, 55% chance Soccer players go broke after their career and a 5% chance Businessmen,CEOs, Lawyers and doctors go broke. Even though your a groupie you should be able to do simple math.

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