Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nollywood’s Charles Warren Allegedly Died After Severe Anal Pains

Few weeks after the sudden death of the Nollywood actor, stories have emanated over the real cause of his death. It was earlier gathered that the late actor died after complaining of an-al pains, which he got after the embattled practice of 'sodomy'. A source had earlier disclosed that he was one of the notable dudes in Nollywood, who did not give a damn over whose jaw is broken towards their lifestyle. Well we have always given the story a wave of the hand, till a blog visitor sent a confirmation of the information to us, alleging that he actually said goodbye to this world after having severe anal complications. Please read the message as yours truly cannot say some words.

Read the message below:

Charles Warren, "While having s*x with his gay mate, he suddenly felt pains in his waist areas then complained on back aches, the pains got severe, he was said to have passed out stool 4 times within a fraction of 30mints, while the pains spreaded to his chest.

"He was rushed to Safeway Hospital, Ajah, Lagos and as his boyfriend massaged his chest in an effort to ease his agony, Charles breathe stopped!!!"


  1. I hope they learn from this !! Pls gays and lesbians stop this demonic act . The devil is only after 3 things to steal ,kill and to destory ur destiny .