Monday, February 10, 2014

Naked Man Crashes The Runway at New York Fashion Week [PHOTOS]

                     Hide your kids! Unexpected Naked Man Crashes The Runway at New York Fashion Week [LOOK] 
Prabal Gurung‘s Fall 2014 show took an interesting turn when a streaker crashed his gold gong-filled runway on Saturday. As models strutted in red sweaters, luxurious furs and oversized coats, a man wearing a crown, leopard print thongs and red tube socks interrupted the beautiful production.

As our very own associate fashion editor Michelle Persad told us, the models weren’t thrown off at all. (How professional?) Eventually the streaker was caught by security guards, but not before a slew of social media-savvy attendees captured the moment.WARNING: The photos below contain nudity and may not be safe for viewing at work.

In spite of the unexpected peep show, Prabal Gurung’s fall collection was a hit with fashion editors, including Laura Brown, Elizabeth Holmes and Derek Blasberg, whotweeted: “CONGRATS, @prabalgurung! Not even a sequined G-string runway crasher (no really) could distract from your splendid, dreamy collection! #NYFW”

There is now a Prabal Gurung Streaker Twitter account. So if you want to relive the racy moment, be sure to follow!

See the NSFW photos below.
                    prabal gurung streaker 
                    prabal gurung streaker
                    prabal gurung streaker