Monday, December 23, 2013

PHOTOS: HOUSE OF TREKE... TREKE Design & Couture {TREKEwears} @treke_wear

TREKE Design & Couture {TREKEwears} bringing the BEST QUALITY MATERIAL(s), in a variety of stylish designs. “Out with the OLD and in with the NEW” is a system in which we operate in.

 TREKE Design & Couture {TREKEwears} has the aim of satisfying basically every person(s) in [Nigerian, African and World] at large, with a qualifying taste of style by adding a unique delight in every outfit, for a very affordable price...



This means we are set for the Politicians, youths, groom, old class people of the society, the elite class, masses, etc.
 TREKEcollections has a unique feature which we and previous customers describe as THE FANTASTIC FOUR. It’s; THE MATERIALS, NEAT SEWING, CREATIVITY AND THE QUICK DELIVERY
TREKEcollection: aka Board of PERFECTION. We care about your looks; it’s more than a priority, its SATISFACTION. Distinction at its very BEST. #TREKEcollection. Trust us when we say TREKE Design & Couture {TREKEwears} is a must have brand and the right trend or couture to be in style with for a very long time. 
#TREKEcollections: Sky is the limit but here in TREKE we aim at beyond. We bring in new style, top quality and very affordable for purchase. So stayFRESH, stayAHEAD, and most definitely #stayTREKE.

CONTACT: 08184058589
BB PIN        : 2ae10992
TWITTER  : @treke_wear
FACEBOOK: TREKE Design & Couture
E-MAIL        :


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