Monday, January 21, 2013

Things That Happen Only In Nigerian Movies

It is only in Nigerian movies that you see the following happen:

1- A mother travels from the village to Lagos, argues with her son about not having a male child, then back to the village...THE SAME DAY! Abi village dey get airport?

2- A girl carries the same hairstyle, even after 2 years.

3- You'd see the camera man through the side body of a car or when u look closely into Jim Iyke's huge glasses.

4- A ghost looks left and right before crossing the road.

5- Girls wear very short dresses, revealing their bosoms and sky high heels to school...but their lecturers say nothing about it.

6- A woman barges into in a hotel room to catch her husband with another woman. Abi who give her key?

7- A policeman with 6-rounds revolver keeps shooting at armed robbers more than 20 times. I no know say bullet dey generate itself like DNA

8- A man wants to send his wife packing, he goes into the room and comes out with about 3 ready packed bags as if the wife had already prepared herself for the event

9- Jim Iyke raped a girl with her Jean trouser him prick enter ?

10- John Okafor Aka Mr. Ibu has an injury on the left side of his head but you see him holding the right side of the head! Lmfao. Who are they deceiving?

Feel free to add your own observations.

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  1. Na only 4 nigeria film u go see wife wey taste poisoned food wey she prepare 4 her husband and she no die .......smh!

  2. Dat pic is very funny

  3. Nah only in 9ja movie dey fix eye lashes and long nails for village.....lwnkm

  4. Na only naija movies person wey die for part one go feature for part two

  5. Naija movie na freestyle tinz, no city waddup to Albertini, Inori D Don.n city

  6. Na only for naija u go see a film of 30minutes get part one two three(all na thirty minutes) and advertisement still join.

  7. Na only for nigerian film person go car park well behind truck say na accident be dat

  8. Na Only 9ja film dey tell pesin say,,,,I will shoot you now and you will die,,,,and they will shoot! And talk am for mouth...."""I've shoot you now,,oya die"""

    Na pink tonic be dia blood

    Na 9ja film dey load Banga for bullet mouth,,,,E dey shoot when dey never ready....

    Na only 9ja film dem go shoot pesin finish,,,and the pesin go wake up after 7hrs and go back home with his leg

  9. Na only for nigerian movies, wey be say if person kill anoda peson for house, Police go enta sharp sharp cum arrest d culprit. Abeg o! Na who call police kwanu! Hw cum police sabi say dm kill person...Y ar our naija muvies predictable?